Quaker Cupboard 2017
Doors OPEN at 2:00pm

be in line by 3:30pm to be served

With great sadness we say goodbye to Paul Hansen. His body could not hold on anymore.
When told days to a week left, he stayed 4 weeks. An opportunity to be with family and friends thru the holidays.
Paul now is with our Saviour, just as he said he would be.
A wonderful man with a testamony and love for you!
Target: Lincoln Community Families
When: Every 3rd Thursday of the Month
Where: Friends Fellowship Hall
Needs: Workers, Finances, and Donations
Phone: (734) 483-6380 (734) 483-1577
e-mail: ypsiefc@gmail.com
Evangelical Friends Church Quaker Cupboard brings Biblical scripture to life as for being aware of God's love and showing it in an action way.

Each month we have a variety of groceries available for distribution to deserving families in the Lincoln School Community. Everything from dry goods, canned vegetables, snacks for the children and meat products.

Along with the food supplies, we partner with NAEIR which is a national company that accepts items from companies throughout the country. NAEIR then makes the items available to non profit groups like ours, and at a minimal cost to us. This allows us access to many and any items that may be needed for everyday life to share. From light bulbs, to door locks, new clothing items, everything that you can find at a store, comes to Quaker Cupboard at one time or another.

The cost and time needed every month to maintain this ministry comes from donations made to Quaker Cupboard. Contact Paul & Doris for more information and any questions.
1. Persons receiving food MUST be present, unless arrangements have been made ahead of time.
2. Boundries are: MUST live in Lincoln School District
3. There are places in Ypsilanti and Belleville that are there to help you -- Call Friends in Deed for that information 734-484-4357
4. We will REQUIRE a PICTURE ID and something with YOUR CURRENT ADDRESS (phone or light bill, etc.)

The above rules WILL be in effect.
IF you DO NOT COMPLY we will not be able to help you.

FRIENDS CHURCH policy is No Smoking, Profanity or Bullying on church grounds. IF we see or hear, you will be asked to leave immediately.
We have No Tolerance for these things.

We are here as Servants of God and whatever we do we want to please Him.
National Association Exchange of Industrial Resources
A variety of "hard goods" (items to use around the home and family) available every month. This material cannot be sold, bartered or exchanged. (whether at flea markets, garage sales, auctions, raffles or any other contest whatsoever.

Merchandies may not be given to or taken by volunteers, officers, clergy or employees for personal use. It must be used solely for the care of the ill, needy or minors, pursuant to the member's charitable purposes, as stated by the Internal Revenue Service IRC Code. 170 (e) (3).

NAEIR is located in Galesburg, IL. We receive 10 catalogs a year of "FREE" merchandise. This "FREE" has a $595.00 annual membership fee plus $149.00 each catalog handling charge to get ready for ppick up. We received between $25 and $32,000 worth of merchandise each order. We do not get everything we order. Due to the fact that they have so many other non profit organizations asking for the same things.

Currently the merchandise we receive goes to Quaker Cupboard, Shoebox Ministry, Hope Clinic, Kenya (thru Massasabi's family), Family Health Pregnancy Center, Church of God food distribution and a few other places, off and on, plus our church activities.
Ypsilanti Evangelical Friends Church
Office Hours-Call to verify times.
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Friday, Saturday 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Quaker Cupboard/ NAEIR